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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Paper Beads, Classical Music, and a Blue Moon

a.k.a. "how I've spent my Sunday afternoon". How cute, that rhymes!!!
OK, seriously,
I'm dealing with some things. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was my studio trashed in a day. There's order/disorder in here after "stuff" piles up from doing one project, then another. So I have been spending quality time with my studio this month, working to create more order than disorder. This led to that, ie:
Bags of paper scraps!!! I FINALLY have all my paper scraps the way I want them - and no, not in the garbage! There's a big zip lok bag for each of these colors, blacks/greys,
brown/tans; pinks, purples, blues, greens, yellows, red/oranges. They are so cool. A good Paper Artist never throws away what can be used, and I hit my scraps whenever I need something small. Besides, I have some NEW IDEAS/PLANS for scraps.

This afternoon I've been cutting Making Memories scrapbook paper scraps into specific shaped scraps. These fun scraps were left over from a project I did last summer (2009) and I love the colors on them. Somehow the other day (I have no idea/don't remember) Paper Beads came into my conscious mind. And, having organized all my scraps, I knew I had another great idea fixin to burst forth. I also knew I'd get bored making only one kind of paper bead so I did a little online research to find interesting shapes.

Knowledge is power, and also since I knew it was 5:00 somewhere, I popped open an ice cold Blue Moon Beer (my daughter turned me on to this very light wheat beer last year), "invited" this guy to entertain me via the CD player (what a GREAT album - Vladimir Horowitz playing Chopin, Clementi, Liszt, Scarlatti, and others on piano!!)and commenced to rolling papers. Oh wait a minute, commenced to making paper beads. Here's some I did this afternoon. Aren't they just so cool!!?
I want to build up a stash of them to use in various art projects. For now, this was an awesome afternoon. There is a sign on the inside bathroom door at Tannery Row Artist Colony/Historic Buford where I spend a large part of most Thursdays, and the sign says "Go to your studio and make stuff!"

This afternoon I have fought - and won - another battle. I have given my Artist Self permission to come into my studio and "make stuff". Even though I "heard" the angry words of my mother telling me to "stop wasting time on such nonsense and get out here and make yourself useful" (heard repeatedly growing up) I stayed here, making my paper beads. And I told myself that I AM doing something useful artistically, after having done a few useful things around the house, because I'm going to have the beads I want to use in future art pieces. So, not only have I had a fun, relaxing afternoon, I've had another step in my recovery, embracing the Artist Daddy God created me to be. Let's hear it for progress! YEA!


  1. Progress... it beats the alternative! You go, girl! Create away and don't let anyone tell you your God given talent is a waste of time.

    The paper beads are beautiful, btw! And Blue Moon beer is my hubby's favorite! It's made locally, I believe?!?

    Now back in the day, I would scrap (book) to local Alabama boy and hunk blues singer, Taylor Hicks... good music is good music, right?

    Also, I'm not sure what kind of paper you use for the beads, but I have quite a bit of scrapbook paper you can have if you want. Just let me know and I'll dig it out...

  2. Hooray for you and the progress you made on giving yourself permission to "play" and learning to trust your own voice that God has given you and the wisdom and discernment He has placed within you to know the difference between wasting time and nourishing the gifts you were given!
    Blue Moon mmmmmmm! I was turned on to this at a fish boil before I had to go gluten free. I still remember how good it is with a slice of orange!
    Take care and keep trusting God and yourself Brenda!

  3. LeAnn, Crystal, ya'll are soooo awesome to write and encourage me. What a RICH BLESSING!

    LOL, LeAnn, I think I'm going to pass right now on the offer of YOUR HORDE of scrapbook papers/scraps. That's what I'm using for my beads, and you just have no idea how much I have after 12+ yrs of scrapbooking. But I am having fun pulling it into my mixed media projects!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shoot... and here I thought I was finally get rid of it all! lol

  5. LeAnn, you could donate it to a school, or a Y, if ya'll have one close by, or a Senior Center. How much do you have?????

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