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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Way Too Long of an Absence

For a LOT of different reasons, is my "answer" to the title. The Roller Coaster of my health, in and out of doctors' offices, hospital medical procedures, etc, all to keep me up on my feet and going; The frustration of having only this desk top computer access to this and everything else "internet" related; the feeling that I have nothing to share of any importance to anyone. No need to continue on that rabbit trail.

I've been listening to my different "Art/Art Business" mentors, notably Lesley Riley of late. ALL OF THEM echo the "You NEED to have a blog" and "You NEED to blog regularly". A funny thing happened yesterday that "underlined" everything I've been hearing from my various Mentors.

Saturday started the ball rolling, actually. I spent considerable time doing "new to me" glazing techniques on some canvases I had already gessoed and texturized earlier in the week. Since I'm craving to be outdoors as much as possible during my best season of the year physically, I had set up a portable studio on the covered back patio, and finished the last bit of work Saturday night with the back porch light on. Additionally, all that day I said, "Self, tomorrow is Day At The Pool day".

Yesterday I got up, chomping to go to the pool, but ALSO wanting to paint on my canvases. Sooooo, for the first time, I packed my easel and everything I needed, and went to the pool. Had a GREAT afternoon laying down the beginnings of a beach painting. A neighbor friend, Lisa, took a couple pics of me working. At the moment, I was sitting there enjoying a cold beer, and contemplating what colors I was going to use to paint in and blend for the ocean, and also thinking about when I wanted to take a break and so swim for a while. As Lisa and I talked, she asked if I have a blog. I confessed to her about my blog I hadn't posted to in a VERY< VERY Long time, and why. Haaa! Lisa told me, "YES!!! We LIKE to read about what's going on in the life of the Artist, Musician, etc. It makes us feel more connected to that person." Well, my Mentors are correct, then! Lisa told me, from her perspective, what my Mentors have been telling me. OK, well, I'm gonna strive to get more "postable" on here. For now, it's way past my bedtime.

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