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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Artist in Residence Working

Haven't written anything in a few (maybe a few more??) days, here nor on FB.
Last Friday evening I went with friends to a play downtown at Theatrical Outfit. It was the opening of a new one so we got the che Inexpensive tickets. Think the play was titled "Brownie Points", or Brownie something. Whatever. I didn't like it. One MORE play by them that's Racial in its theme. There was (being opening night and a new play) a "talk back" time after, and many in the audience were apologetic and ashamed of our White Race. The Anti-Defamation League members were obviously pleased. And this is all I have to say about that.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at the Heirloom Productions Stamp/Paper Arts Show. I got to meet face to face one of my new best friends. Here she is, (this is where you take a bow, Susan)
Susan is a LOT of fun, and I am so happy to call her my friend. She is the owner of www.PaperCraftersCorner.com, so you will just have to check her/it out. We had fun, and I had fun introducing her to different people connected with the show and all. Sunday I had a fabulous time working with Melissa Baldwin and her friend Valerie at Melissa's vendor booth, The Stamping Studio. It was like being back on stage as I spent the afternoon talking to/entertaining ladies as I walked them through making the adorable greeting card we had for them to make free of charge. Brenda Jean was just totally in her element there. The only bummer was that I got home and THEN remembered the camera in my purse. Rats! I have no picture of my wonderful day with M and V.
So, I'm back in the studio. Painting. Getting panicky. The opening reception of my first gallery show is SaturdaY, February 20, 6:00-9:00 p.m. at Tannery Row Artist Colony. We artists have just a few more days to finish our works. Aaaaaaaawwwww!!
Here's a pic of one piece "in process".
Ho-Hum. I KNOW, right??!!! Well, it's the background. Now I've gotta lay in the foreground for the piece to "speak" and say what I want it to say.

P.S. Did I mention how much I LOVE Golden products? Have been doing "experiment boards" trying different things with grounds and gels before putting anything to canvas. However, today I did gesso over part of another piece I'm working on for the show so I could start that one over. Oh well. No one was standing here saying "you can't do that" (thankfully) so I did it. Big W!!! N E Ways, its back to the paint for now.

What creative thing are you working on or doing? Remember,
it soothes the soul, and brings joy to your heart.

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