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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Day (plus 2) after Art Show Opening

OK, I'm here, after telling a few folks I would be doing this. It took a couple days to recover (there's true, legitimate reasons why I'm on SSDisability) from Saturday's excitement, and getting the put off chore of cleaning the bathrooms finally done today (because the kitties refuse to learn), I can sit and "tell" you Saturday's story.

So, did you see the Friday Gwinnett Daily Post "Weekend" section? I was so very delighted that the cover was a picture of "The Barn", an awesome piece done for the show by my friend and resident artist at Tannery Row Artist Colony Judith Surowiec. The article, written by Deanna Allen, was a great write-up of what was coming on Saturday. And though she made no reference to her interview with me (ya never know what's going to be, or not be, included in the report) she referenced five different pieces of art in the show at the beginning of her article, and one of mine was in that group (referred to "A six of hearts playing card").
I thought THAT was kind of cool!

This "The Joy of 6" art show has 85 pieces of art for viewing (and for sale, btw). I was only one of 45 artists (over 20 are resident artists at TRAC; the rest were Guest Artists like me) and we were each allowed to enter up to two pieces of art. The show comprises three categories: Two-Dimensional (flat paintings), Three-Dimensional (sculpture, etc), and Mixed Media (what I work in). And, there was not two, but FOUR JUDGES from the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. I heard, and had a couple of them tell me directly after the reception, they had a very hard time making their final decisions because there was/is so much great art in the show!

I was so very, very blessed to have Jessica there with me, and here we are doing our Vanna White impersonations by "a six of hearts playing card", actually entitled "1x6= Love Multiplied". A number of other special people came up to support me. Thank You - Bill, Joni, and Aleah, Linda and Anna, Beth, Tim and Lollie, Maria, and two of Jessica's friends (so very sorry I can't remember names). I can't say enough on how much it meant to have ya'll there!!!

A LOT of people attended this Opening/Reception! I'm reading a book by Anna Deavere Smith called "Letters to A Young Artist" (written actually for artists of any age in all the various art forms) and in one letter she talks about how an Art Show (or a play, music concert, etc) creates a community out of people who do not know each other, but are there to experience something together. And that is what we had last Saturday evening. The place was packed with lots of people, some known by various artists, others no one knew, but all there to experience together viewing this incredible art show (and all the food we made and served, LOL). I will tell you now, a new Chicken Hors d'oeuvre recipe I created for this show disappeared so fast, with the artists giving me thumbs up on it, it blew my mind.

So it's time to go fix dinner. More details and up close pics tomorrow. For now I'll leave you with another little peek of part of "Motion Sixness". In the meantime,
add doing something creative to your day (I'm fixin to go make Boneless Pork Loin Marsala over Jasmine Rice) because it truly blesses your soul, and gives joy to your heart! ;)

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  1. Hi Brenda...thanks bunches for your wonderful email the other week you had sent me after seeing my little slide mailers in the newsletter. Big congrats to you on your first art show. Your piece is wonderful. Loving the little peek of "Motion Sixness". The colors are gorgeous. Hope all is well...take care.