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Thursday, February 18, 2010

T Minus 48 Hrs before My First Art Show

How am I feeling going into my first ever Art Gallery Show????
Well, the artwork is all completed. I delivered the pieces to the gallery on the appointed day, Tuesday, Feb. 16. The process was started today, hanging all the artwork thoughout the gallery. I'll find out this Saturday evening where my pieces have been hung.

A very unexpected but cool (I thought) thing happened during the process of delivering my art to the gallery. I was interviewed by a Reporter there to do a piece about this special Art Show!!!!! After having been introduced to her, including a bit about my "credentials", she asked permission to "ask you a few questions". Well, I didn't see any reason to say "No", so I said "OK'. Thus began an intensive interview, where I was asked also about my artwork, the process for creating my pieces, and I don't remember what all. I remember a fleeting thought of "wow, this is how the athelets must feel when they get interviewed just before or after a big game!". I don't think I stumbled over my words, but foretunately no cameras were on me. LOL

Anyways, Check out the Friday edition of the Gwinnett Daily Post; Front Page of the Weekender section for the story about this Saturday's opening of the art show "THE JOY OF 6 - Celebrating 6 Years of Artistry" at the Tannery Row Artist Colony in Historic Buford, Ga.

As promised earlier in the week, here's a couple "sneak peaks" of my works.
This first one is a "sneak peak" of "1x6=Love Mulitiplied a.k.a. Diverse City".
There is a LOT of sympolism in this piece.
For all of the work involved, I had a LOT of fun putting this mixed media project together. I'll have to wait until Sunday to show you more of this 16" x 20" piece. But if you attend the reception on Saturday evening I can show you "up front and in person" the whole thing.
Each artist was allowed to create up to two pieces for this show, and each piece has to somehow reflect the number 6 (in celebration of the 6th anniversary of TRAC/gallery). My second piece involves six canvases painted individually almost to completion, then pulled together, identifying the juxtaposition of the whole and completing the project from there. This project was alot harder and really stretched me artistically. I am extremely pleased with the whole. Here's a "sneak peak" of one little section. I have to thank my dear friends Bill and Joni Morrill who helped me create the frame for this piece. Bill's handy "Table Saw" work cut the special shape/size needed for the finished piece. I love you guys!!

More later. I gotta go eat dinner and watch the Men's Long Program Iceskating/Olympics.

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  1. I'm so excited to come to the show and see your work!!!! I'm also very proud of you for tackling this very stretching experience! You go girl! Lollie

  2. Here's a link to the article: http://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/entertainment/headlines/84742312.html?storySection=comments

    I'm so bummed they didn't mention you!! :(

  3. Susan, I looked at the link here for today's online Gw.D.Post and found that
    true, they don't list any artists' names other than the two under the one picture, however, of the few art pieces listed my "1x6=Love Multiplied (a.k.a. Diverse City) IS in the group!! The writer refers to the piece as "a 6 of Hearts playing card".
    How awesome!! I am thrilled. I'm heading out to the Y in just a bit, and hope to find a GwDP newspaper to see what they put in "hard copy".

  4. Congratulations on the show and the article BrendaJean! I wish I lived close enough to come see your work and say Hi to you at the show. Enjoy every minute of the well deserved spotlight!