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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Little Ethan

I am so very proud of my daughter, Jessica, in so many ways! She was/is my Special Gift from God and, in spite of the difficulties of her teen years, I would not trade being her Mom for anything in the world!!!

At age 19 Jessica got pregnant. She wasn't married, and the night she told me of her condition she was terrified. Yes, the "news" was something to make me shake with fear of the unknown, however, I was able to calm this precious child of mine. And I was able to have even more pride in her as she verbalized all her fears, all her thoughts, and let me know that she was not willing to have an abortion, even though friends had recommended it. And as she went through months and months of being so sick from her pregnancy, my daughter held firm to her commitment, her CHOICE to give this baby life. My heart is almost bursting with the sense of pride I still feel regarding her decision and commitment. She chose to go against what our culture says is quite OK. What courage on her part!

Her "step of courage" went further, from the beginning. Jess knew she was not ready to mother a child, and knew that I was not physically, nor financially able to grandmother (care for) a child. So that same night, her decision was made, and I committed to standing/walking with her through the process.

There's no way I can say it wasn't/isn't painful to give up my firstborn grandchild. Back then and today still, there are many tears. Jessica chose a wonderful couple to love and care for her baby, however, and every year we get a new Update Letter and Pictures of our little Ethan. I love him, and them, from afar and pray for Ethan and his adoptive family every day. And, it is such a fun/funny thing, getting the updates, because Ethan has the wonderful, happy personality of his birth mother.

I just finished this scrapbook layout with one of the pictures we got last Fall. Ethan, like his birth mother, is a real ham in front of the camera, and this pic plays his delicious personality up so well.

For the scrapbooking audience, I did this layout using only what's in my "stash" here. The papers and circle journal tag are Quik Quotes and I chalk inked the edges of most everything since I prefer that dimennsional look. Also, you may know that Making Memories re-introduced their metal letters/words at Winter CHA last week. Of course they're updated, and of course the ever popular "bling" is added to many of the new MM "metal offerings". However, those of us who have stashes of the original metal letters/words can give them the "new look" real easy. I dipped into my stash of Class A'Peel Sticker Bling Dots by Stampendous!, and Woo Hoo!!! We are right off the runway here with "Smile". So if you're a scrapbooker reading this, my challenge to you is to do a layout using only what you have on hand. And let me know how it comes out. I'd love to see it.

For all of you, what Creative Thing have you/ are you/ will you do today?
Remember, doing so truly nourishes the soul and brings joy to your heart.
Until next time,
Brenda J ;)


  1. I love your color choice of paper to match Ethan's shirt, & maybe his eyes? What a beautiful love story of your relationship with that precious daughter of yours. I am privileged to have walked that road with both of you. Although it was a hard journey, there were many joys along the way, and still ahead! Love you! LBG

  2. I want to comment on every single post but I am supposed to be getting ready to meet friends for coffee this morning and wanted to at least pop in and comment and say thank-you for putting yourself out there like this. This post in particular brought tears and memories of my own painful places and tough choices. You are a very special woman to have reacted to your daughter and supported to her in the way that you did. God bless you and have a really awesome weekend!

  3. hi thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. I know time comes I will find a job that I really love. Anyway,you have a cute baby boy:)

  4. I so enjoyed reading about your daughter and little Ethan... You have every reason to be proud of Jessica's decision to choose life.
    Standing for right is a true test of moral character - her's and yours!