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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day's A'comin????

Are we REALLY gonna have white stuff tomorrow?? Will there really be several inches of snow to play in and maybe even make a little snow man????

That white powdery stuff from the sky just doesn't show up much in this area (Atlanta). When it does make an appearance, we're like little kids. I mean we adults are even like little kids!!!!! I did a quick layout two yrs ago about the BIT of snow we had here.
It was meant to be a SIMPLE layout and when I look at it I can once again feel the snow flakes hitting my tongue. Of course I didn't end up keeping the layout quite so "simple". I did a LOT of paper tearing and layering, distressed the photo edges, and painted and/or stickled the metal snow flakes. Maybe I'll get to have some new pics tomorrow. We'll see if the weatherman is right.

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