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Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday night BUZZ in the Studio here

I know this might sound gross, however, I confess that at the moment (while typing) I'm eating Milk Chocolate Icing out of a can of Pillsbury Icing. A few yummy spoonfuls really satisfies the chocoalte craving, and I don't have the added calories of cake. (I hear you laughing, just fyi). So I'm fixin' to clean up a little mess from the just finished project, and thought I would (eat my chocolate) and share what's happenin' here.

I just finished putting this latest Journal Book, "Say It In Reds" together. One of my goals for this new year is to do more collage work, adding "Free Style Applique" into the mix. This piece is my first endeavour.

A piece of 12" x 12" piece of patterned paper was my substrate, on which I had already marked quidelines on how it would cover the front of the Composition Book and turn under to the inside. I did two "canvases" with this "red" theme as one book was completed last week and given to a close friend for her birthday. Red is her favorite color and with all the supplies I pulled to design with, it didn't make sense to do only one when I had enough to play and design two. I had a good time doing the collage, however, when I got to the sewing part, I had a BLAST! Maybe it was because I used to sew most of Jessica's and my clothes years ago. Working at the sewing machine on my collages was like coming home. On this collage I also added nail heads after doing the applique.

I'm real particular about the way I do my Books. Here's a pic of the inside front cover. I like my Books to look "finished" and be long lasting. The outside canvases are turned under to the inside and then covered so there are no "raw edges".

I do this on the front AND back cover, then I bind the spine, pulling it all together. I'm really pleased with the way this came out.

Musical entertainment in the studio tonight has been a fun, eclectic mix. I actually started with a CD of Jeff Foxworthy. He had me cryin', I was laughing so hard! Being a True Southerner, I fully relate to his stories and actually think we could be related! Then we went on to Spyro Gyra (awesome jazz), J. Geils Band (Love Stinks), and then the king, B.B.King. Yeah, baby, we're groovin' in here!!

You won't find music played on my blog though. Drives me batty when I go to a blog and the music I'm listenin' to gets interrupted with somebody's play list that starts up as soon as I arrive. Urg. Maybe there's a way to shut that off when I'm blog hoppin'. Because I find it annoying, I am opting out of blasting you with my "play list" here. So, you'll have to google tonight's entertainment.

Tomorrow I am bound and determined to do a scrapbook layout with an adorable pic of my grandson that we got. I am so very thankful that we get pictures and a written update the 1 time a yr that we do from his adoptive family. MK may come have a "scrapbooking play date" with me also tomorrow, so it should be a fun day of creating art.

Be sure to do your own "creative something". I promise, it's good for the soul and warms your heart. Till next time,
;) bj

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