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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day One of a New Adventure

So, here I am with a blog. Finally. After how many yrs of how many pp telling me I should have one? I was excited earlier when Hannah helped me set this up. Now I'm overwhelmed. I'm not even sure what my blog addy is so I could tell my friends I've started a blog. I'm "biting onto a computer here". I'm not a big fan of computers! Why am I doing this???

Well, I finally joined FB, however, one is quite limited to what one is able to write. I write something up, hit the "post to my wall" and get the message, "you are allowed 420 characters and you have xxx number". Oops. Edit down to stay in bounds. Oh my gosh; that rhymes.

There is so very much to say, so very much to write about. My Art; successes/challenges/fun experiences as I grow and expand into the Artist I was created to be. My view of the world; what I've seen and the politics that go with it. Then there's life lessons. Golly bum, for years and years different pp have said, "Brenda, you really should write a book. Your life experiences and testimony would be great encouragement to so many hurting people". How many times have I heard, "you are such an encouragement to me." More times than I can count over the years.

I certainly can't handle several different blogs to cover all these different areas. Right now I'm gonna be doing good to figure all this out and develop this new thing. I hope I'll succeed and that this will grow in a way that brings joy, smiles, encouragement, and fun to others, and glory to my Lord Jesus Christ at the same time. For now, I've stuck my toe in, so here goes.

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