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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Learning Curve; Art is Easier

I did not grow up with computers, and that's a fact. I remember sitting in the office I worked in at Miami-Dade Jr. College, one year out of high school. The typing, office machines, and other such classes my mother forced me to take (in liew of the art classes I wanted to take)in HS paved the way for this first full-time job. The day one of the Dept. Heads came back from a convention and told us about the computers that he saw that would be able to do so much of what we laboriously did by hand, we all let out a collective "Oh NO!!", and saw our jobs disappearing before our eyes. We did NOT want those computers coming into our workplace. No Way!

Fast forward ??? years and here I am on the one in my Art Studio, typing away. Facing the other direction in my studio I create art. Turn around and I can scan it in to a folder on my hard drive, and send it anywhere via the internet. Incredible.
It takes me, however, way longer to figure out how to do something new on the computer than when I'm coming up with a new design with my artwork. So, even though it took way too long to figure it out, I at least now have a "Welcome" note on my blog, and even (finally) figured out how to start a list of blogs/people that inspire me. That's it for today with this machine. I'm done. All the frustration will disappear with a glass of wine and curried chicken for dinner.

I'll close with sharing a Artsy scrapbook layout I actually did this time last year. I pulled it out the other day as part of reflecting on this last year. Unlike trying to figure out how to do anything on this computer, the artistic design flowed freely and easily. I started with raw elements (ie; naked chipboard letters, a very plain piece of 12x12 paper for the base, etc) and using distressing tools, acrylic stamps, stamping ink, various paints/laquers, papers/vellum and a die cut, etc, I created the ART to help "speak" the message.

I hope I succeeded this last year in my various efforts to create a legacy that lasts, with and for my daughter, all the wonderful friends the Lord has seen fit to bless me with, and unknown people who came across my path, or I came across theirs. And I hope and pray to continue this journey, because after all, it is the most important of anything I can do.

Until next time, be creative in some way. It feeds the soul and adds joy to life.

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  1. Hi BrendaJean-
    I loved reading this. I love to tell people that my one computer class in High School was learning to use IBM punch cards. I can't remember a thing about it, but I do remember the typing, shorthand, and office practice classes that did come in very handy!
    I thank-you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment several days ago. I always love to hear from artists who are strong in the Lord! Love the name of your blog and the look of it - very nice!
    Blessings to you today ♥ Crystal