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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OttLites Rule!!

I made that comment a couple months ago, sitting around the table with a group of artist friends at Tannery Row in Buford, Ga. Much to my surprise, only one in a group of about 9 knew what I was talking about. Then last week my friend Joni was over and we were back here in the studio. She asked about the one at my work station, and what benefits there were to having it. I explained it all to her. Lo and behold, this week's JoAnn's Sale Paper has them on the front page, and my little brain decided it was time to "point 'em out" in my blog here.

Yes, the fact that JoAnn's has OTTLITES and accessories on sale 50% off IS a big deal, since they are kind of pricy at full retail. And, admittingly, I've had some people tell me that 50% off is still kind of high. I reply that this is one of those times, one of those products, where the "List of Benefits" outweighs the cost by a ton!! So, what's to claim as a benefit?

HIGH DEFINITION Natural Light - if you are working on any kind of art, or craft project, being able to truly see your colors as they really are makes all the difference in the world. The OTTLITE provides this High Definition Natural Light so that regardless of the room lighting overall, you will see TRUE COLORS with whatever medium you are working with. It's like being outside in natural light even though you're inside. Which also means, no Yellowed Hues like you get from regular lighting.
If you are blending paints, if you're coordinating fabrics, or scrapbook papers, if you're selecting beads for a project, whatever, under an OTTLITE the colors are crisp and clear, which makes for easier color choice work on your part.

COOL LIGHT from the Lamp - I remember some years back I had a regular lamp light on my studio desk. It sat close to my work station trying to make the area brighter. I would get so hot; start "glowing", cause that's what we southern gals do. The hogs sweat; we simply "glow". I can tell you here that the more you "glow", the more uncomfortable you get. Things would get so uncomfortable working at my studio desk so as to be downright unbearable, like my clothes were all wet and stuff, and I would have to call it quits even though I really wasn't ready to do that. I had this same problem sitting under the lamp at my sewing machine. It makes things "not fun", and the "not fun" was even worse in the hot summer months (no central air in this house).

I finally took the plunge to get the first OTTLITE, a table top model for the studio work station. The OTTLITE is designed to produce "cool light", so it is not radiating heat down on you while you're working. I very much appreciate this feature!! It's one thing to have a "Private Summer" come along every now and again for a couple minutes. An extended experience is suitable only for a day at the beach or pool, clad only in a bathing suit.

Another big plus for the OTTLITE is that as a "cool" and "natural" light, it is much easier on your eyes, reducing or eliminating eye strain. My next OL purchase is going to be a floor model to put next to the LazyBoy chair in the living room, since that's where I sit when I crochet or do other needle work.

VARIOUS DESK & FLOOR STYLES - Um, yes, I did also add a floor model to put over my sewing machine desk. Then I purchased a little portable OTTLITE that I take to crops, which was one of the best tools I've ever added to the travel kit. Not all crop retreat lighting is of equal value, so better to have my little OL packed and find I don't need it than to leave it home without it. THAT will bring a definite "Oh No!", I guarentee you.

So, the OTTLITE people don't know I've written this little review here. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. But since I've been verbally sharing about this, and I saw them on sale again, I figured I might as well tell the world, well, whatever little part of the world might be reading any of my posts, anyway.

Until another time, do something creatively. It really does soothe the soul, and bring joy to your heart.

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