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Friday, January 15, 2010

New to my Toolbox here

This is the year I am fully committed to using my great (meaning both really cool AND lots of it) stash here in my studio to create my works of art. That includes scrapbook layouts. I got better about it last year, and am determined even more to "shop from my own store here" in creating layouts for myself and my daughter.
So, this year is even more into asking myself the "do I really need this?" question before spending the money to bring more supplies into this little studio.

What COULD get my money, however, is a tool that will enhance my creating in some way. And yesterday, I spent a bit of money and brought home a particular tool that has been unavailable in my area here for a while. Since I was in Buford (Ga) yesterday I figured why not run into the Michael's store, since I'm passing it anyway and assure myself they still don't have this back in stock. So, in I walked, heading straight to the scrapbooking section and lo and behold, there IT was hanging for purchase. Actually about 6 - 8 of "IT". Yeah baby I grabbed one and headed to the register!!!!

I'm talking about the Martha Stewart Scoring Board. This brand is certainly not the first one on the market. I have friends who own the Scor-It or the Scor-Pal. I have used both (don't own them) however I prefer the MS Scoring Board over the others. Here's why:
1) This is a 12x12 board with scoring lines marked every 1/8" across, meaning I don't have to move my paper around when I'm scoring, which makes the "multiple scoring lines" projects go faster.
2) There's a guide included so I can also scor/make custom envelopes for the many cards I design. I like that extra feature.
3) A little snap closed compartment is part of the board design so I won't loose my bone folder that comes with the board. I can loose something quicker than I can type "I just had _____; where'd it go???"
4) Being a good plastic, this board is much lighter in weight. I REALLY appreciate that. Will make it easier not only to work with here in the studio, but also in carrying elsewhere should I need to.
5) The price point on this is GREAT - Retail is $19.99. Michaels Arts/Crafts Stores are the only place to buy locally at this time, and this week they have MS products 30% off. Sometimes (like I thought I'd do yesterday, not knowing about the MS sale) you can get an even better deal with a 50% off coupon.

I'm glad I didn't buy the first scoring product to hit the market, not that I had the money to. I am excited about my new purchase, and by hanging back and playing with everyone else's toys I got to now have the perfect NEW tool for the toolbox in my studio here.

Have you added a new tool to your crafting/creating art arsonal, or are you thinking about any in particular? Do share; I'd love to know.
Until next time, do something creatively. It's so good for the soul, and brings such JOY to your heart.


  1. This review could have been written by me because those are the exact things I say about this tool. Great product at a great price - thanks for saying it first lol

  2. Actually I did a review too (www.todayscreations.blogspot.com) and think this is a great tool! Happy to find your blog through Paper Crafters Corner!