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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For The Birds

Morning chore done: Clean out the nesting areas around the house because even though its only January, some of my birds are already giving signs of "decision making" for the upcoming season. And, since my "Petey the Stampin' Up Bird Punch" Review was published the other day on www.PaperCraftersCorner.com, I figured this is the perfect time to share one of my "Bird Stories" that I've written, along with a pic I took mid-December of one of my Male Bluebirds and Female Cardinals sharing the birdie bath out back. I hope you, the reader, enjoy my little story here.

My Birds are Little Pigs

I so enjoy my birds. They are very entertaining and fun to watch. Each one has their own variety of chirps, and even if I don’t actually see one of them, I know who’s “fussing” at the moment just by listening to them. They each have their own mannerisms as well, and sometimes one or another will decide to act up with a “territorial” attitude, and we have a little tiff on our hands.

Hmmm, I can hear your response, especially those of you who have been very close friends for a long, long number of years.

“Brenda, when did you get birds? Where do you keep them in that tiny house? And, what about the cats?!”

OK, here’s the story. I have this non-verbal agreement with my birds.
If you fly over my house and/or yard, you’re in open air space.
If you happen to make a quick pit stop in my yard, you’re just passing through.
If you happen to start showing up on any kind of regular basis anywhere in or around my yard, you’re a frequent visitor.
If you build a nest in one of my trees or on my back porch and settle in with a brood of your own, you’re MY bird.
If you’re a Bluebird couple, and you decide to call my bluebird box your home for a season, you’re MY bird. Hey, and thanks for leaving a filthy mess for me to clean up when you decide to move out.
And, if you eat from my bird feeder out back here, and take your baths in the water I’ve put in the birdbath close by, it’s obvious that I am financially supporting you. That’s right. You’re MY bird.

They say (whoever THEY are) that variety is the spice of life. That certainly is true with my birds. I have them from the tiny Hummingbirds who finally said “Adios” the beginning of October after an extended stay, all the way up to the redheaded woodpecker who loves peanuts. So I’m generous with the variety of food that I put out. I buy the bird food that has it all, something to make everyone happy. From the tiny little seeds that sprout almost immediately after they hit the ground, to sunflower seeds, raisins, red berries, to peanuts.

The little Finches, Wrens, Titmice, and Carolina Chickadees all gather around as soon as “Mom” puts another round of food on the table. They can get downright rowdy, as they elbow each other to see who can eat the most in the shortest amount of time. When the Cardinals step up to the plate, the little ones flutter and get a bit nervous. It’s when one of my Blue jays wants to try getting into the feeder rather than eating on the ground, the little ones jump quickly up onto a tree branch. The Jays, beautiful as they are with all their shades of blue, are quite clumsy and they rock the feeder like it’s out in rough seas. The little ones don’t like that. My Red headed Woodpecker though, he’s real creative, and has a lot of savvy at the feeder. He’ll clamp his feet to the edge, then hang almost at a 45-degree angle while he stretches his neck up to get his beak into the feeder. It’s so funny watching as he wades through the stuff, seed and such flying everywhere onto the ground until he finds a peanut. Then he takes the nut up to a tree branch where he can eat in a comfortable position before he comes back for more.

I do love my birds. They are just one more source of entertainment around here, and their songs of praise to their Creator are such a blessing to enjoy. It’s just that they’re pigs! They’ve made it clear that, if I’m game, they’re more than willing to eat me out of house and home. So I have my birds on a diet. Every third day, I’ll put a bunch more fresh food out. That means they have to eat every crumb before Mom gives them more. I’m just not willing to totally spoil these little “oinkers” around here.

Hey, can I claim them as dependents on my taxes in April??
Brenda Jones

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